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Susan Owen
New CD...The Lost Sessions - Available Now!

The journey begins...
When this music ministry began years ago, it started with a simple
vision to offer my service to the Lord with a song (some of you may
still have those first homemade cassette tapes that were given out
in exchange for an offering towards missions in the collection plate).
That was the beginning of the journey...
Now as I look back over the ten years that have since passed,
I find myself ever thankful to Him for each step along the way...for entrusting
me with the lyrics and melodies (yes...even those moments of inspiration
that come at four a.m.....sleep can wait...a song cannot).
When I began to carry a burden on my heart for the Sudanese people,
the Lord provided a purpose for the songs...a vision and a mission...
and a calling upon my life.  Your purchase of the CD's helps sponsor work
being done in Sudan through Samaritan's Purse.  This includes church rebuilding
and pastor training to replace those martyred in southern Sudan, as well as
delivery of food and relief supplies to the refugee camps in Darfur.
Now the journey continues...
Having just completed and released my eighth CD project, "The Lost Sessions",
I am still steadily writing towards number nine...never ceasing to be amazed
at His goodness and mercy...ever thankful for the abundance of blessings
each new day brings...and for the privilege and honor of serving my Lord
and Savior, Jesus Christ, with a song.
Thanks for sharing the journey and the road with me....we're close to home...